Everyone is all about this flannel trend.  In this post we show you one flannel worn in three different ways to help this trend and your purchases last a little longer! Start out by choosing your favorite button up or flannel from your closet.  This is a great opportunity to show off your personal style.  You can choose earth tones, bright colors, black and white, big print or small print.  The style is up to you! Have a little fun with it!

The first way we styled our flannels is by tying it around our waists.  This 90's inspired trend is super easy and a great way to give some flow and create a new shape with your outfit.  It's a very "casual meets cool" vibe.  You can look super chic without having to try too hard.  For this look we played with different patterns and textures of shirts mixed with our flannels to make our outfits unique.

  The second option for rocking your flannel is to make it the main event!  The great thing about flannels are the buttons.  You can utilize all of them or none of them.  Button them all the way up with a bow tie for a preppier vibe or only do a couple with a loose fitting shirt underneath for a relaxed look.  We made our outfits stand out with a bright blue sneakers to contrast the red flannel and an over sized mesh shirt peeking out from under the black and white flannel for some dimension!

Lastly, you can use them as a layering piece.  Find a cool jacket and throw it over your flannel.  You can wear it buttoned up or open with another shirt to show off your layering skills.  The biggest thing to remember is to always make it your own!  Don't be afraid to take a risk and have fun with your clothes.

Michelle: Levi's flannel (sold out) // Hot Topic denim (similar) // Tie Dye Shirt // Mesh shirt // Denim Jacket


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