Michelle DeFraites and T.C. Carter moved to LA a few years ago and began tackling their careers in the entertainment industry. 

Michelle has starred in Lifetime's Pregnancy Pact and is featured on multiple Disney programs. She has also covered Nationalist magazine with a six-page spread and is one of the faces for Neutrogena online.  She can be seen in the new Paramount film "Project Almanac" as mean girl, Sarah Nathan.  

T.C. is one of the members of the new, pop group After Romeo.  He spends most of the time between living in Los Angeles and traveling the world with his band. From Europe to Japan to all around the United States, he is racking up some frequent flier miles, for sure!

Between working on sets and performing in other countries, Michelle and T.C. are constantly surrounded by fashion and always looking for what's next.  This blog was created to show others to not be afraid of taking fashion risks and to always be you and show off your personal style.


  1. Cute couple. What a great blog. With all the things you see in the world it is great to put that knowledge to us. This blog is inspiring.