Tie Dye For

Tie dye is back!  Everything in fashion always makes it way back around.  So it's time to raid your parent's closets and look for their old 70's attire.  Black and more black is usually our uniform, so when we found something with color that we both loved, we knew we had to do it!  Tie dye is perfect for the summer and going to the beach.  It is just so fun and vibrant that you can't be unhappy when you put it on.  Pair it with some distressed shorts or jeans and you're good to go with a perfect laid back look!  The best part about tie dye is that you can do it yourself.  It is a perfect DIY summer project.  You can make your own tie dye shirts that are completely one of a kind!  If you wanna try and make your own shirt be sure to take a picture of it and tag @Street23Fashion so we can check out how you wear your unique tie dye!

Jawbone UP24

Photography by Rachel Epstein


  1. I love to your guys blog and after romeo you guys are so stylish!!! �� Michelle you are so pretty too! !