When To Buy Or Say Goodbye

Are you an impulsive shopper? Or are you always regretting that one piece that you passed on at the mall?  For us, one tends to be a little more cautious while the other can be a little heavy handed with the shopping.  Can you guess which one is which?  Well it happens to the best of us, so we came up with a few tips on when to buy and when you should say goodbye!

1. Don't be a sale shopper. Now this doesn't mean we don't appreciate a good sale.  What it means is that not every sale is worth it!  Many times people will say, "It was on sale so I had to get it!"  No.  That is a trap.  We like to think that if the sale is 50% or more than have fun, but if it's less you should be a little more picky.  Many things are on sale because they are going out of style or out of season.  So if you are buying on sale and it's less than 50% off, try to only buy pieces you truly love and know you will wear, even if you have to wait until that season comes around again.

2. Only splurge on staples.  When we say staples we're talking about items that can be worn multiple times and multiple ways.  Some great items to splurge on would be great fitting pants or jeans that you know you can pair with an array of outfits and also some great jackets and blazers.  These pieces should be durable and able to last, so if the material seems like it could fall apart after one or two washes, walk away.  

3. Be wary of trends.  Never overspend on something just because it's "in".  Trends typically don't last long before everyone is on to the next one, so don't waste all of your money on something you won't want to wear in a couple months. There are always stores that have on trend clothes for a lot cheaper, Forever 21 being one of our personal favorites.  If you wanna stock up on trends, do it for cheap.

4. If you're not sure, give it a minute.  There are always those times when you're looking at a piece contemplating how much do you really love it.  When this happens the best idea is to move on.  Go shop in another section or go to another store.  If you are still thinking about that item by the time you've completed most of your shopping, then go back and get it.  Many times when you move on to another store you will find something else you like even more and you will be happy you saved yourself the hassle of having to go through the return process.

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