Rejuvenating Your Closet

Are you a clothes hoarder?  Do you ever look at your closet and think, "I have so much clothes but nothing to wear!"  We all run into this problem every couple of months or so, but what do we do to fix it?  Typically, the first thought is always SHOPPING!  While we are the first people to admit we love shopping, it isn't necessarily the best option.  Here are a few tips on how to stop being a clothes hoarder and how to find some new outfits with the clothes you already own.

First step is to separate your clothes into three sections.  The first section is for the clothes you are definitely not going to wear again.  If it is the wrong size, worn out, or you just don't like it anymore get rid of it and donate it to a local thrift store or Goodwill.  Cleaning out old clothes is a quick way to make your closet feel newer.  

The second section is for the clothes you know you want to keep.  These are your favorite pieces that you wear all the time or the new clothes that you haven't had a chance to wear yet.  Keep these displayed in the front of your closet to use later.  

The third section is for clothes you don't want to get rid of but that you haven't worn in a long time, meaning at least a couple months.  This pile of clothes is the trickiest!  These are clothes that are sometimes sentimental.  They were at one point our favorite shirts, something with a fond memory, or just clothes we've honestly just forgotten about.  There are three steps below to help you decipher through this stack of clothes without letting emotions get in the way.  

Step 1: Try It On.  (If it doesn't fit, put it in give away pile. If it fits, continue.)
Step 2: Make two new, unique outfits with the item. Use your new clothes as well as some older items. (Taking pictures can help you remember the outfits for those days when you are running late!)
Step 3: If you can not make any outfits that you would want to wear, get rid of it! 

After completing these steps for each item, you now have a whole new array of outfits.  Also, your closet has been given a makeover, making it easier for you to be inspired!  Leave a comment below or write to us on Twitter and or Facebook telling us how this worked for you and your closet!


  1. This is really good advice cause I have too much clothes and don't know what to do with it.

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