How To: Denim on Denim

When most people today hear "denim on denim" they think of that tragic Justin and Britney moment, but we have found an easy way to pair denim without looking like you just came from the baby blue farm.

The easiest trick is to find two matching pieces of denim for the top and bottom but have a separator piece.  In this look, we put a simple black shirt to break up the pieces of denim.  Adding some fun red sneakers on the bottom to give it some color, keeps the outfit casual and easy.

Another great way to wear denim on denim is to use two completely different colors of denim to give a good contrast.  In this look, the over sized boyfriend denim shirt is light-washed, while the bottoms are darker.  The two different tones give the outfit dimension while still wearing the same material on the top and bottom. Finding a printed or patterned denim is also a great piece to use when wearing the denim on denim trend. 

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