Black Out

Want the secret to wearing all black? We tell you our favorite ways to pull off this classic look.

Wearing all black is a classic, yet edgy look that is a great go-to when you're getting a little tired of all the color.  We've pulled together some of our favorite tricks that will keep you from looking like you work at the makeup counter at Macy's.  But if you do happen to work there, here are a few ideas to spice it up!

Playing with texture is a huge bonus when wearing all black.  Our jackets are satin and have a little glossy shine to them. This helps give the outfits some dimension even with it's single color palette.  Jackets with small details like the wolves are super cool and make your look stand out from the rest.

Giving the outfit some skin breaks is another great way to keep all the black from looking overwhelming.  Distressed black jeans with some holes, a skirt that shows some leg, or a tank with a V-neck if you are wearing a simple black jean are great ways to show some skin.  Another easy way is to add a fun neutral belt with some cool hardware to break up the black.

Finding pieces with funky shapes and lines is another good way to keep your all black look from looking monotonous. The asymmetry in the skirt keeps the look interesting and draws the eye more than a basic pencil skirt might.  Playing with layers on top is a great way to add more dimension to your look as well! 

Show us your go-to BLACK OUT looks or ones inspired by this post. Be sure to tag us and @Street23Fashion on Twitter and Instagram.

Photography by Rachel Epstein


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