Rainy Day

Rainy days are rare in Los Angeles, but when they do come around you need to be prepared.  We put together two outfits that are perfect fashionable, rainy day approved looks.

On the rare occasion that it rains in LA, you have to be prepared.  Now, while we do understand the importance, and sometimes the need for traditional rain attire like plastic rain boots, if they can be avoided we say AVOID IT! We put together two non-drab, rainproof looks so that you can still shine bright even when the sun isn't out.  

Hats are an essential.  It keeps the rain out of your eyes, but it also keeps it from messing up your hair or make up, which is always a good thing. Hats are like the period at the end of a sentence.  They just finish up a look perfectly.

A great jacket or coat is another thing you definitely need in the rain.  We chose patterns and colors in our outwear so that you can still stand out while being functional.  If you must wear an actual rain coat, be sure to find one that is fun.  We love black as much as the next guy, if not more, but we promise this time, go with color! 

The shoes are the final piece to complete a perfect rainy day look.  A great boot will keep you dry and  elevate your look.  Knee and thigh boots are especially great because depending on how cold it is, you can still wear your favorite dress or skirt. And a great pair of Timberlands will withstand any storm that comes your way.


  1. I love your looks! The patterns, the colors.. so bold and modern!

    Fee (Floral Fascination)

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