Black Friday Haul 2014

Check out our Black Friday haul and how we avoided the crazy lines!

Black Friday was a lot more chill this year than other years.  With a lot of stores opening at 6pm on Thanksgiving, we didn't have to worry about waiting in line at ungodly hours.  We had a few stores in mind that we definitely wanted to hit and then just kind of shopped around after that. All things considered it was a rather relaxing shopping trip!

The first store was Brandy Melville, a go to store for easy basic pieces and with one size fits all you don't have to worry about trying anything on! That store was a little hectic with lots of girls frantically searching for their beloved pieces that they've had their eyes on.  But with the store only being 10% off, it wasn't worth getting into competitive shopper mode.  So we picked up a few pieces and got out of there!

Then we hit up Melrose and dropped by Nasty Gal.  The first hundred people in the door got signed copies of the book #GIRLBOSS! Total steal! Then we walked down the street and went to Adidas, which is one of our favorite stores at the moment.  They have seriously stepped up their shoe game recently.  Someone has to grab the new all white Veritas Mid Shoes. We probably spent the most at this store.  The sales were great like two graphic tee for $25 and 50% off all accessories and if you spent over $150, which we obviously did, you got a free book bag! So you can say that was a successful trip.

Then we hopped over to The Grove and went to Topshop and picked up a few basics like white jeans and a few winter tanks.  Then we ran over to Zara who was having 30% off the whole store and found some amazing black jeans that we've both had our eyes on for a while.  You can never go wrong with a good black moto pant, especially when they are on sale.

What did you guys get on Black Friday?  Tell us about it in the comments or tag us in your pictures on Twitter and Instagram!


  1. Let's see, I got sweatpants and sweatshirts for my gym class, some presents for friends and family, my mom and I had lunch at Wendy's, and we got more but I have forgotten it.

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