Denim Dream

Now that it is finally getting colder, our summer items are going to take a backseat and the warm winter layers are taking center stage.  But these blue jeans can stick around all year long.

Do you have that go to pair of jeans that you always seem to wear?  Or are there so many denim choices in your closet that you can't keep track?  Well whether you are a faithful, monogamous blue jean wearer or you like the play the denim field, a good pair of jeans will never let you down!  Nice, classic blue jeans will not only keep you warm, but help you make the transition from summer to fall.  Finding new and creative ways to incorporate your favorite pair of jeans for a new season is such a fun part about fashion.  Mixing a light wash with a sharp leather jacket or a deep blue pair with long sleeves and layers will keep your winter wardrobe fresh.

Also check out our collaboration with Pradux!

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