Teacher's Pet

These back to school outfits are worthy of that front and center seat in the classroom.  Make sure to bring an apple for your teacher with these looks! 

Polished and put together, these outfits are not for the faint of heart. Captain of the football team and President of the Class, the school is your playground, so run it in style!  This preppier vibe is one that will be noticed by your peers and teachers.  Keeping a simple silhouette but mixing prints and colors takes these looks to the next level.  A coral tone printed skirt, YSL graphic tee and polka dot cardigan commands attention with it's flirty, yet sophisticated style.  The mix of this paisley collared shirt with rolled jeans and high top Chucks gives a throwback vibe with cool updated edge on top.  Get ready to take over with these outfits!

Michelle: Shirt // Cardigan // Skirt (Paris) // Heels

TC:  Shirt // Jeans // Converse