TC's Tour Essentials

Being on the road for most of the year can get a little exhausting. These are the things I bring with me to help make it a whole lot easier!

Fashion and technology are my two favorite things, well and maybe cars!  But since I don't get to have my car with me on the road, the other two will have to do!  The MacBook Air 11" is the newest addition to my Apple family.  It is so amazing to travel with because it is lighter and smaller than my Macbook Pro. I love using it to edit all of the band's YouTube videos, which we shoot on my Canon 7D.  My iPad is perfect for traveling too because it's mini and I can actually see the screen, unlike my cracked phone!  I use it to play all of our sound at our shows, and I love being able to put a SIM card in it when I am out of the country so I can communicate with friends and family back home. And it's nice to just throw on some Netflix to help the time pass traveling from city to city.

Growing up I have always loved backpacks! I would always switch from one to another because I never could find one that would last. I finally invested in this Louis Vuitton Michael Backpack which has lasted me for years now! I'm obsessed with it because it holds everything I need when I'm on the road.  It's not a secret I love Air Jordan & it's not just because his famous number is 23. These warm ups are ones I always seem to wear because not only are the comfortable for the long car rides, they still look nice when we are stopped to take pictures!  They are great paired with a comfortable, sleek sneaker.  I just recently purchased these shoes and they have quickly become one of my favorites. I can wear them to shows during the week or I can wear them when I work out. With these Flyknits, you feel just as good as you look.