Sneak Attack

This trend is definitely one we want to keep around as long as possible! Sporty sneakers with fun details are what it's all about!

This is one trend that your feet will thank you for! Comfy but cool, sneakers are making a come back in a big way!  Dig out those sneakers from the back of your closet that you thought you would never wear again because this is their time to shine! Fun sneakers are great with almost any outfit. What we love about this trend is that there is really no wrong shoe.  You can choose a really colorful sneaker to make an outfit pop or if you're afraid of all that color, you can wear an all black sneaker with cool textures like fur and a woven side to really stand out.  You can even buy special laces to make your sneakers one of a kind and fit your personal style!  There really is no wrong way to wear this trend so go have fun and show us what you come up with!


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