Too Cool For School

Not ready for school to start?  Neither are we!  So we put together some outfits that are definitely too cool for school!

With school starting, we are definitely gonna miss those warm days hanging out by the pool or going to a late night movie with friends.  Lucky for you, the fashion doesn't have to end along with summer!  We came up with two outfits for the edgier readers that want to look amazing on the first day but don't wanna seem like they're trying too hard. After all, it is ONLY school!  These looks will be showstoppers when you walk into school on the first day. Wearing old trends in a new way like a cutoff long plaid shirt with a band tee is a perfect way to stay true to who you are but with a little upgrade.  It will totally give off the vibe that you didn't try too hard but I still look awesome (even though you did!).  Wearing the latest sneaker is another great option for the first day!  It shows that you're on top of what's hot but with a simple shirt and jeans, you look just chill enough to be cool!

TC: Shirt // Jeans // Sneakers

Michelle:  Band Tee // Plaid Shirt // Jeans // Booties // Necklace

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