How To: Leggings

Leggings, in the past few years, have become an easy alternative on those days when you don't feel like fitting into those tight, constricting skinny jeans.  They can be found in a wide variety of colors and patterns, but there is a very fine line between looking classy or trashy.  In this post, we give examples on how girls and even guys are rocking leggings and staying edgy.

Patterned leggings with a fun, oversized graphic-T is a super easy look for everyday.  These thick, camo leggings from Brandy Melville are great because they work for every season.  Matched with a black and white T-shirt from Forever 21 and matte black Dr. Martens, this outfit is edgy and playful.

Guys wearing leggings is a new trend that can either go really right or really wrong!  Pharrell Williams is one celeb that has mastered this style.  Using that as inspiration we paired these white and black Boy London leggings with black shorts and a black T-shirt.  To spice up this all black outfit, it's paired it with a red flannel tied around the waist and gray Timberlands.  When trying a daring new trend like this, it's smart to start out with a simple color palette like black and white and then experiment from there!


  1. Those camo leggings are great and are the perfect alternative for chunky camo jeans! Also love it that guys can rock leggings as well (:
    Not Haute